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Handling machines tiles and slabs

BCF deals with the design and production of all the connected transport modules that allow the handling of large format tiles or slabs up to 30 mm thick.

The slabs and tiles must be transported during the various production phases of the production line.

Machines for enamel application, selection benches, ovens, dryers: from one processing station to the other there are devices and modules that carry the tiles or slabs, rotate them and move them. Different types of modules are available which differ in length and width according to customer needs.

The transport of tiles and slabs along the production line

Tile transport in the various steps must be precise and safe to prevent them from deforming or breaking and to get them to the various stations in the right position and angle. It can take place in single or double rows.

A line for handling slabs and tiles requires numerous accessories and devices that must be studied and positioned in a functional way to maximize the yield of the production line: BCF accompanies you in choosing the right solution for the needs of your ceramic plant.

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